Breed club

Suomen Venäjänsiniset ry is a breed club for all of those who are interested in Russian Blue cats.

Club was founded in 1992 to connect people who are interested in Russian Blues. Club promotes the breed and supports breeding. This breed club is meant for breeders and people who have Russian Blue as a pet.

Everyone who is interested in Russian Blues can join the club!

Club gives you advice in all matters related to Russian Blues and also has kitten advisors to help you find your own Russian Blue kitten.

Club publishes a magazine, Siniset Sanomat, 4 times a year. The main point in the magazine is to focus on good quality stories and pictures.

Club has a co-operation agreement with Suomen Kissaliitto ry, and club also works closely with foreign Russian Blue breed clubs.

If you want more information about the club or breed, you can ask the club president or secretary. Other board members are also happy to answer all questions.




Suomen Venäjänsiniset ry

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