Siniset Sanomat – Club magazine

Siniset Sanomat is the name of the club magazine for members of the breed club. The magazine was established in 1993 and it comes out 4 times a year. During the years the appearance has changed and we are still focusing on the the quality of the stories and pictures.

Editorial staff

Press: Varteva

Siniset Sanomat looks like its readers. Members can send in material and convey their wishes about interesting article topics. All stories, poems and pictures are welcome. You can write in your own style, as long as it's appropriate. All material is to be sent to the editorial staff.

Deadlines for the material in 2019:

1/2019 material by 15.2.2019
2/2019 material by 15.5.2019
3/2019 material by 15.8.2019
4/2019 material by 15.11.2019

Guidelines for the material:

Use preferably .txt or .rtf file formats.

Don't add pictures to the text file, send them as separate files.

Remember to mention the name of the author.

We also accept material on paper.


Guideline for pictures:

  • Pictures are to be sent in digital form using either .JGP or .TIFF. JPG pictures can be sent in original size, but TIFF pictures should be compressed before sending.
  • Resolution of the pictures should be at least 300 dpi, but we accept all pictures and can help with the edit if needed.
  • We also need nice pictures for the magazine cover
  • Add the following information to all pictures: Official name of the cat (including titles), owner, breeder, and name of the person who took the photo.
  • If the picture is not taken by you, make sure you have permission to publish the photo.
  • We also accept paper photos.

If you wish to send material on paper, contact the editorial staff for the address.

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Siniset Sanomat 
Editorial staff