Join the Club

You are welcome to join the breed club!

If you want to join the club, contact membership management by email at jasenrekisteri(a)

There you will get all the info on how to pay the membership fee.

Membership fees for year 2019

Normal membership: 20 e/year including the club magazine Siniset Sanomat
Family memberhip 6 e/year (no magazine)
Breeder membership: 24 e/year
New member added by a breeder (first year): 15 e
Member living abroad: 36 e/year if you want the printed magazine, otherwise the fee is the same as in Finland and you get the magazine as a pdf file.

If there's more than one member living in the same address, one member should have a normal membership; the others can be family members.

As a breeder member you will get your contact, kitten and stud information added to the club's webpage. If the breeder name has more than one owner, one pays for the breeder membership, and others can pay the family membership. If the owners live in different addresses, all pay the breeder fee.

Breeders can add their new kitten owners as club members for the first year with a reduced membership fee including the magazine.

If you're paying the membership fee for someone else, please inform us via email at jasenrekisteri(a)

Bank information: 
BIC/SWIFT: OKOYFIHH (Osuuspankki, Kuopio) 
IBAN: FI76 5600 0520 4957 09

Notice! Before you pay your membership fee, please contact membership management at jasenrekisteri(a)